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MEBU Live Interview - NativeWaves CEO Chrisof Haslauer

SVG Europe, SportTech Journal, Autumn 2022
“We have been working with Sport Digital Fussball in Germany delivering next-level experiences to their viewers,” says Christof Haslauer, CEO and founder of NativeWaves. “At the beginning of this year, we enhanced the coverage and viewer experience of the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) for Sport Digital Fussball viewers by adding data and analytics and instant replays on demand. These enhanced experiences were available to viewers who watched these games on the Sport Digital website. We are currently delivering selected games from the Brazilian and the Portuguese leagues to Sport Digital Fussball viewers who are watching the games on their mobiles, tablets and PCs.”

Hausler says important developments occurred around core product NativeWaves EXP in December last year. “NativeWaves Exp is a highly customisable experience framework that enables deeper fan and audience engagement across numerous types of content, programming and live events,” he explains. “Viewers can choose an enhanced event-centric experience on smartphone, tablet or mirrored to the TV, offering additional camera angles, audio tracks, instant replays and highlights, social media integration etc, including full on-screen navigation. In addition, NativeWaves EXP can be used and configured as a second screen

“From a NativeWaves EXP perspective, over the next six months, we will bring to market experiences such as cricket and American football while developing new experiences for sports such as biathlon and darts,” he adds. “From our streaming platform perspective, we plan to complete automation of most of the key tasks required to deliver multiview experiences, making it simple for our customers to handle most of the operations themselves.”

Hausler feels the user experience is becoming the focal point of sports production. “Our framework approach to delivering next-level viewing experiences means that we can help broadcasters and streaming services deliver these experiences to their viewers without the need for any major changes to their existing workflows. The new experiences not only help grab the viewer’s attention, but also provide new opportunities to monetise the content that they have acquired.”

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