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MEBU Live Interview - Main DPS

By Niklas Eckstein
See the original story in German on MEBU Live here – PASSWORD = thfXLGkx – PAGES 46 & 47
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With the new edition of the German Touring Car Masters as a GT3 racing series, the ITR is also relying on new partnerships and innovative technologies for the production of television images. With a new second-screen application, the viewer can for the first time this season decide which camera perspective is to be seen. 

MEBU Live Interview - Filming in the DTM pit lane

The DTM has reinvented itself this year. So the makers around Gerhard Berger decided to discontinue the Class One manufacturer series and instead let vehicles in the GT3 series drive against each other. The special prototype- like Class One vehicles were too expensive and the manufacturers increasingly shifted their commitment to racing series from e-mobility.

The ITR not only broke new ground this year when it came to the choice of vehicle class it also put the media reporting and the technical support of the series out to tender and new pioneering technologies were used.

When looking for a general contractor who could take over the topics of camera technology, streaming, graphics, onboard radio, timekeeping and also intercom for the teams and race control, the ITR decided after a tendering process for TV Skyline, which in the past few years had already taken over TV production and are now responsible for a much larger area of responsibility.

“This is a relatively large package and we are pleased that the ITR is counting on us. The partnership is long-term. This gives us the opportunity to develop the series in the best possible way in terms of media and technology, ”says Wolfgang Reeh , Managing Director of TV Skyline. The OB van setup and camera plan is still in comparison to previous years, except for nuances. TV Skyline is still on site with the Ü11 and the gallery (G10).

Nevertheless, the Mainz-based company had to take considerably more technology with it for the areas of graphics, onboard radio and streaming, explains Reeh : “We also expanded another 40-tonne semi-trailer within two months. The Rüst10 is in the paddock area of the DTM and serves there not only as a transport vehicle, but also as an operation center for the entire radio area.”  

MEBU Live Interview - On TV and Mobile in sync

Gimbal insert for dynamic interviews

The close cooperation with Sat.1, which holds the rights to the DTM series in Germany, has also remained. “After we refrained from producing on site during the first lockdown last year and used a studio in Unterföhring for the broadcast – a good test for Formula E, by the way – we were able to work this year as long as the conditions allow , back to the racetrack – with your own sub-direction at TV Skyline and with two wireless cameras on the racetrack, ”explains Kai Salzmann, Production Manager at Seven.One Sports. With these wireless cameras, however, Salzmann’s team has entered unfamiliar territory this year.

While shoulder cameras have been used in recent years to capture interviews in the pit lane and on the grid, this year the FlexCine system from TV Skyline will be used. “The system consists of a DJI Ronin gimbal on which a Sony FX3 with a Sony wide-angle lens from the G-Master series is located. In combination with a radio and intercom connection , tally and a monitor, this is a very flexible system, ” says Reeh.  

Although similar technologies are also already come in other major sporting events in the Bundesliga or the NFL used as Salzmann, although it was a novelty, a gimbal system for Aufsager to use or interviews: “The new system is fun. We can now speak to drivers and those responsible while walking – this is important, especially with all the hectic pace in the pit lane and leads to dynamic reporting. Quite apart from that, the cinelook of the FX3 simply looks better.” 

MEBU Live Interview - NativeWaves CEO Chrisof Haslauer

NativeWaves CEO Chrisof Haslauer

Second screen for the fans

But not only in terms of camera technology, Sat.1 has broken new ground this year. In the distribution of the images, too, they are daring a new test this time, which is intended to provide racing fans with additional perspectives from the DTM action. Together with the Oester trian NativeWaves , an expert on second screen applications, you took on the question of how many signals a live event with a beautiful user experience combined, in addition to linear television picture available gestel can be lt.

With the DTM, NativeWaves “ran” provides a video player that is integrated in an iFrame on the ran.de website. In addition to the linear TV image, viewers can use the video player to select one of four synchronized feeds and receive additional information about the drivers and their position in the field. “We fade in a QR code in the linear TV image and call for the additional camera settings to be downloaded to the smartphone.

The QR code then leads to the ran.de website with the NativeWaves player . In the short time that this code was seen, the number of views has risen nicely and of course we hope that interest in this service will continue to grow in the future , ”says Salzmann, who is concerned with the tests of the first races shows satisfied.

How does the system technically works declared Native Waves CEO Christof Haslauer : “We take the one hand, the content input with our own encoder directly from the TV Skyline OB vans, and stream then the data in the cloud first. Then we take care of delivering the signals to the smartphone or browser. The television picture usually has a delay of three to ten seconds n, depending on the transmission path.

We always manage to get the signals on the viewer’s second screen in under three seconds and without any loss of quality. Our Ultra Latency Streaming technology makes it possible. Then we delay the image artificially Lich, a synchronicity to guarantee. ” According to Haslauer , Native Waves’ own audio synchronization mechanism is the key to a good user experience: “When the player starts, our stream on the smartphone or tablet is synchronized with the live images for a brief moment via the TV sound the TV. ” 

MEBU Live Interview - DTM safety cars


Courageous choices The fact that Sat.1 tries to make bold technological decisions also confirms it Andreas Buchmann, Deputy Head of ran.de: “We are a very experimental brand and always want to try out new technologies. This also includes wanting to create digital added value, for example by offering an ad-free online stream.

A third focus point is certainly also the social media. We want to give fans who are enthusiastic about motorsport additional insights behind the scenes. ” It is therefore important to let all platforms interact as well as possible – whether on the web, in the mobile app or on social media channels , says Buchmann.

The rights period for Sat.1 expires at the end of the season. But they are very satisfied with the number of spectators and hope to be able to show the DTM in the program in the future, said Salzmann.

Niklas Eckstein  

See the original story in German on MEBU Live here - PASSWORD = thfXLGkx - PAGES 46 & 47

Story translated using Google Translate

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