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Electronics giant Samsung relies on Salzburg solution from NativeWaves

Original article in Salzburger Nachrichten on 21 July 2021
By Iris Burtscher

Himmelreich. Christof Haslauer is currently often awake at night. Not because he can’t sleep. The CEO and founder of the Salzburg-based technology start-up NativeWaves is watching the soccer matches of the American Concacaf Gold Cup. And he does so for professional reasons.

NativeWaves, which specializes in synchronization and streaming technology, has signed a cooperation agreement with Samsung and is implementing a new multistreaming solution for the electronics giant in Germany. The pilot phase will run from the beginning of July to the end of September. In a dedicated app, viewers can watch additional content during various sporting events such as the Gold Cup. For example, viewers can see a second camera perspective on their cell phones. Until now, it was hardly possible for both images to be played back at exactly the same time. “The difficulty is that the signals are transmitted via different paths and the transmission times are different. With satellite TV, the transmission time is three seconds. With a webstream, it can also be 30 seconds,” says Haslauer. The result is that the neighbor may already be cheering about a goal that hasn’t even been scored in his own living room.

Portrait of Christof Haslauer

“The focus of the company lies in the Sports sector.”

– Christof Haslauer, NativeWaves

NativeWaves’ technology relies on an app that synchronizes audio signals from the TV and smartphone.

“The phone records the audio signals from the TV for five seconds and then compares the picture and sound,” explains Haslauer.

NativeWaves, which now employs 20 people, was able to sign a cooperation agreement this year with Pro7 in addition to Samsung. Here, sports fans can watch camera images from the driver’s cabs of the racing series DTM on their cell phones in parallel to the TV picture. “Our focus is now on the sports sector. But we also offer solutions for music concerts or live shows,” says Haslauer.

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