Enhancing the On-site Experience to beyond just the action

Making the On-site Experience truly immersive

Watching sport, esports tournaments or entertainment shows and concerts, live at the venue, is an unbeatable experience. While the thrill of being in the middle of the action is amazing, it comes with its own set of challenges. The fan experience is determined by a multitude of factors that have nothing to do with the event, such as seating and viewing angles. The NativeWaves solution for on-site experience provides features and functionalities that solve these challenges and enhances a viewer’s overall experience.
The On-site Experience should not be a matter of chance
Solving probems with missing the action - Angry audience on the stadium

Solving probems with missing the action

Key moments in the game happen very quickly. Once missed, It is not possible to get an immediate action replay of those key moments of the game or performances. The NativeWaves solution provides opportunities for fans to get instant replay of the action they missed.

Solving the Multiple action / Single view problem

Multiple pieces of action happen at a live game or concert, and different people perform different roles, but fans can only follow one or two pieces of action at any point in time. They cannot focus on what their favourite player or artist is doing while watching the overall game or performance. The Nativewaves solution enables fans to watch different pieces of the action at the same time.

Solving the Multiple action / Single view problem - American football player on a smartphone
Solving poor viewer experience caused by seat location - Stadium seats

Solving poor viewer experience caused by seat location

The fan experience at a live event is determined by the seating position at the venue. A seat in a bad position means that the viewing experience is poor. By taking the seating position out of the equation, the NativeWaves solution solves poor viewer experiences caused by seat location in the stadium.

Solving problems with lack of live data

Fans may also not have access to live data on the players or from the event at their fingertips. The NativeWaves solution enables fans to get up-to-the-minute live data from the event.

Solving problems with lack of live data - Live data on soccer app
NativeWaves solves the uncertainty of chance and enables fans to have a complete on-site experience
NativeWaves EXP In Venue
The NativeWaves solution gives fans complete control of their on-site experience and makes every visit to the stadium a day to remember
The NativeWaves Solution - Hand holding a smartphone and 3D stadium

The NativeWaves Solution

  • Allows event organisers to use the broadcast production and provide their audiences at the venue with multiple streams of video, audio and data, from the event
  • Enables audiences to watch a different view of the action/performance while watching the action on-site
  • Enables fans to simultaneously watch what their favourite players/artists are doing while watching the overall action
  • Enables replay of a piece of action from different perspectives
  • Provides audiences with access to up-to-the-minute data on the overall event and individual players at their fingertips
  • Allows event organisers to drive revenue by incorporating solutions for e-commerce and retail sales

Benefits for the broadcaster

  • Provide an enhanced experience to the audience
  • Use existing broadcast production – No need for additional production
  • Increase revenue with convenient e-commerce opportunities
  • Potential additional advertising revenue from the mobile screen

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