Elevating the Single Screen entertainment experience

Take the single screen experience to the next level

Streaming content on mobile device such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops are increasingly becoming the preferred way to watch television, especially among younger audiences. Broadcasters the world over are now focused on delivering their content not just to the TV, but also to these mobile devices. While this trend applies to all genres of content, it is especially relevant to LIVE sport. The NativeWaves solution for the single screen solves many of the problems that exist with delivering content to mobile devices and delivers a truly immersive user experience.
A single screen experience should be more than just a single video feed

Solving limited viewing experiences

Multiple cameras capture the action at a live event; however, viewers see only the camera view that is chosen by the director and delivered by the broadcaster or streaming service. This means the majority of content captured from a live event is wasted and viewers are unable to access this extra content to personalise their viewing experience. The NativeWaves solution gives viewers access to extra content and enables viewer personalisation.

Solving sync issues

OTT streaming solves the problem of delivering only a single stream by enabling broadcasters to send multiple streams of video, audio and data, from a live event, to the viewer’s mobile device and enables personalisation. However, in most cases, a lack of sync between the different streams means that viewers get a very poor user experience. The NativeWaves solution delivers a engaging experience by ensuring that all streams of video, audio and data are in perfect sync with each other.

Solving latency/sync issues - person holding smartphone
NativeWaves solves content usage and sync issues to deliver the ultimate entertainment experience on a single screen.
Single Screen Experience - Person holding a smartphone
The NativeWaves solution solves the traditional problems faced by broadcasters in delivering a truly synced multistream experience
The NativeWaves Solution - Watching soccer on a smartphone

The NativeWaves Solution

  • Uses the patented NativeWaves sync engine to deliver multiple streams of video, audio and data, from a live event, in perfect sync, to the viewer’s mobile devices.
  • Delivers the action from an athlete’s perspective.
  • Enables replay of a piece of action from different perspectives.
  • Enables ancillary services such as social media integration.
  • Enables viewer personalisation.
  • Delivers an engaging user experience.

Benefits for the broadcaster

  • Use all content that is captured at a live event
  • Provide viewers with access to additional content, enhancing their viewing experience
  • Deliver a highly engaging and personalised experience to their viewers
  • Satisfied customers drive stickiness to the service
  • Get viewer usage metrics such as most watched streams, duration of watching each stream, Number of unique devices and much more. Use the information to deliver what viewers want

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