Creating a true Multiscreen experience

Taking the second screen experience beyond social media

Media consumption habits are changing. Television viewing is no longer a passive, lean-back experience. Most viewers interact with their mobile device as a second screen while watching their favourite programmes, and this is especially true when it comes to live events. Multiple-screen viewing, however, suffers from issues caused by latency and sync, leading to a poor user experience. The NativeWaves Synced Multiscreen solution solves a problem that the industry has been facing for years and delivers an unbeatable user experience.
Multiscreen experiences should not be a victim of latency issues
Solving latency/sync issues - person holding smartphone

Solving latency

It is common to hear a neighbour celebrating a goal or a friend calling with the result of the game before it appears on a viewer’s screen. It is not a very pleasant viewing experience and this bad user experience is caused by latency.

Different distribution methods have different levels of latency. A linear TV signal is delivered from the venue to the living room in about three seconds, while streaming services can take up to over a minute to deliver the same signal to the home, which causes this disconnect. The NativeWaves solution solves latency issues and ensures that streams of video, audio and data on the viewer’s mobile device are in perfect sync with the broadcast signal.

Solving personalisation challenges caused by latency

Despite being faster compared to OTT streaming, the linear TV experience has other challenges. It does not enable personalisation of the viewing experience. The viewer has to watch what is broadcast by the channel. OTT services deliver personalisation, but the multiple streams of video, audio and data sent by the broadcaster to the viewer’s mobile device are not always in sync with each other and they are not in sync with the linear TV broadcast either. Latency causes sync issues, but the NativeWaves solution enables delivery of a highly engaging personalised viewer experience.

Solving personalisation challenges caused by latency - Person holding a smartphone in front of a TV
NativeWaves solves latency and sync issues and delivers the ultimate Multiscreen Experience
Synced Multiscreen Experience - Person holding a smartphone infront of a TV
The NativeWaves solution solves the traditional problems faced by broadcasters in delivering a truly synced multiview experience
The NativeWaves Solution - Three screens in perfect sync

The NativeWaves solution

  • Uses industry-standard, ultra-low latency streaming solutions to deliver the signal from the event to the user’s mobile phone faster than the broadcast signal
  • Uses ULL streaming in combination with the unique NativeWaves sync engine, delivers multiple streams of video, audio and data to the viewer’s mobile device, all in perfect sync to the live TV signal
  • Is unique because it uses the main broadcast audio to sync the different streams of video, audio and data that is delivered to the viewer’s mobile device
  • Enables replay of a piece of action from different perspectives
  • Enables ancillary services such as social media integration
  • Broadcasters can deliver a truly synced multi-device experience which is engaging and immersive
  • Drives viewer engagement and stickiness for their service

Benefits for the broadcaster

  • Use all content that is captured at the live event
  • Provide viewers with a best-in-class multiscreen viewing experience
  • Deliver a highly engaging and personalised experience to their viewers
  • Get additional advertising real estate on the second screen generating additional revenue
  • Satisfied customers drive stickiness to the service
  • Get viewer usage metrics such as most watched streams, duration of watching each stream, Number of unique devices and much more. Use the information to deliver what viewers want


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