Consumer SDK / APPs

NativeWaves SDK’s and Applications is the easiest solution to integrate NativeWaves technology stack into your existing apps and deliver next-level experiences to your viewers. The native mobile SDK’s built for both Android and iOS devices can be integrated either as a high-level API which allows delivery of predefined views from different sports for multiple perspective viewing or can be integrated as a low-level API which is highly customisable, flexibly integrates into existing workflows and utilises the full power of the NativeWaves core technologies, allowing for creation of custom experiences

Synchronisation Engine

Deliver high precision audio sync with your main screen with precise timeline management for delivery of synched multi-view experiences across devices. Automatically detects and handles time drifts due to clock differences or network delays.

Advanced Playback management

A solution that is optimized for live events, it utilizes Ultra Low Latency streaming standards and Adaptive Bitrate Streaming technologies for best quality video even on slow networks. This allows for seamless switching between camera and audio streams and precise time control to display live data that is perfectly time aligned with the video.

Personalized UX

Unlike embedded overlays on video that allow for no interactions our Interactive user interface (UI) has overlays on the client-side allowing for interaction and synchronisation of shown data to the chosen video.

Features and Specifications

  • Minimum iOS Version: iOS SDK 11 or later
  • Minimum Android Version: Android SDK 5.0 or later
  • Native Android (Java) and iOS (Swift) SDK
  • Uses native Android MediaPlayer or ExoPlayer and native iOS AVPlayer
  • 360° capable through Google VR SDK
  • Adaptive Bitrate Playback
  • Ultra-Low Latency capable
  • Data Stream support