Encoder Management

The NativeWaves encoder management tool delivers a reliable, real-time, broadcast-quality video and audio encoding solution for live streamed content to connected platforms.
This solution is software-based and streamlines streaming workflows, while simultaneously processing multiple video outputs and efficiently delivering the high-quality performance needed for formatting live video for any device. The solution allows for remote control and monitoring of the encoders and integrates seamlessly into a real-time video encoding workflow while enabling Ultra Low Latency video delivery.
The key elements of NativeWaves Encoder Management are:
Seamless Cloud Integration

Seamless Cloud Integration

Get full control of your encoder infrastructure remotely via the web browser with the stream template system for easy management using various encoding pre-sets and stream settings. The system fully integrates with the NativeWaves Multiview Sync and Event Management systems for easy set-up and management of multiple streams from complex live events.

Real-Time control and health monitoring

Configure, start and stop streams and monitor hardware health and utilisation in real-time. Monitor encoder performance for optimal live streaming and get Live network performance metrics while publishing on-line.
Real-Time control and health monitoring
API Integration

API Integration

Easily integrates into existing tools and encoding workflows and can be fully controlled automatically via REST APIs. The software adapter enables integration with 3rd party encoders
The Encoder Management tool works with both the NativeWaves Avcoder and 3rd party encoders that meet the minimum specifications listed below
  • Controllable via an API (e.g. REST API) either directly or via a platform
  • Management via a direct device API requires additional adapter software to run as an additional service on the network
  • Individual control over streams and their settings: Pipeline definition inputs -> encodings (multiple bitrates, resolutions, etc.) -> outputs)
  • Live monitoring capabilities for the encoder and stream publishers (network)
  • Output support for frame-wise segment push (fragmented MP4) to an HTTP endpoint. Expected video codecs: H264/H265
  • Accurate time management on the encoder device plus correct timestamps in the corresponding output streams

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