Synced Multiview Event Production

Enabling delivery of Multiview Experiences
The NativeWaves synched multiview event production tool works at the production end of the chain and allows broadcasters to define the feeds that form the multiview experience, set automatic sync parameters for different streams and create the stream information package ready for delivery to the client.
The key features of this tool include:
  • Automatic synching of all the video, audio and data streams that are part of the multiview offering
  • Allow for manual time alignment corrections on top of the automatic sync system
  • Production of packaged sync information that is consumed by the client SDK
  • Real time monitoring of the sync data output
  • Delivery of automatic updates to the client SDK
  • API Integration: Easily integrates into existing tools and encoding workflows
  • Content sync input requirements
    • HLS or DASH stream (fragmented MP4) either as framewise HTTP-push or CMAF-pull
    • Expected video codecs: H264/H265
    • Expected audio codecs: aac (sample rates: 48k, 96k, 192k)
  • Content input requirements (Time sync)
    • Accurate timestamps in the streams
    • Link of a precise global clock to the source stream
    • Data streams need a consistent time source that can be referenced

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