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Get a close look at your favourite players and teams and their tactics while keeping an eye on their competition. NativeWaves gives you a different perspective to e-sport viewing.

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Watching your favourite sport live in the arena, being in the middle of the action, and cheering your team to victory is a thrilling and fulfilling experience. On the flipside, you do not have access to a lot of information such as statistics, player and game data or background information at your fingertips. In some cases, your seating position in the arena, or the chaotic nature of live events, prevents you from following every bit of the action.

With NativeWaves this is a problem of the past – all the information you need is just one click away!

Zoomed insights

Watching a sporting event with other fans and experiencing the energy and passion in the stadium is key to watching an event live. However, your seating position at the arena could limit your viewing, which could result in you missing out on some of the important details of the action. The NativeWaves solution will not only allow you to zoom in to the action for more detail, but also use your mobile device to enjoy additional perspective of the action.

Action Replay

While watching sport live in an arena, all it takes is a momentary distraction to miss an important moment of the game such as the goal, which you were waiting for all game. Unlike watching the game on TV, at live events you do not get a second chance to catch the important moments you missed. Live action does not give you access to replays – Until now.

The NativeWaves app allows you to repeat any moment of the action, at any given time. The choice is 100% yours!


Esports tournaments

such as League of Legends and Overwatch League have a tremendous following and, in many cases have more viewers than traditional sporting events. This explosion of fan following for e-sports tournaments has opened new business opportunities such as screening of these tournaments live at cinemas and large screen viewing venues. NativeWaves technology enables personalization of the viewing experience by delivering multiple video streams from different cameras at the venue to the viewers mobile device, all synced to the main broadcast signal. You get to follow the pace, the manoeuvres of your favourite player or team, keep an eye on what the competition, get a close look at nuances of game play – all on your mobile device.

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