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Synamedia/NativeWaves POC with NHRA: Championship Drag Racing

NativeWaves partnered with Synamedia and NHRA to deliver a PoC of its NativeWaves EXP in-stadia experience at the NHRA race in Dallas, Texas.

NativeWaves Second Screen Demo

A demo of the Second screen sync feature that NativeWaves EXP enables broadcasters and streaming services to deliver to their audiences. This sync is achieved by using Ultra Low Latency Streaming in combination with the patented NativeWaves sync technology. 
(Patent No: US 11,570,506)

NativeWaves EXP Features Walkthrough

A demo of potential features from NativeWaves EXP on a broadcaster’s app.

Deliver The Best Live Experiences

NativeWaves provides its partners with a platform that drives deeper fan and viewer engagement through customisable viewing experiences for sports and non-sports applications. It enhances the viewing experience by delivering multiple streams of audio, video and data to the mobile device enabling an immersive first and second screen experience. (Patent No: US 11,570,506)

NativeWaves EXP Demo

Get the NativeWaves EXP demo. NativeWaves EXP is an experience framework that delivers next-level personalised viewer experiences that keeps fans coming back for more.

NativeWaves Demo - Sportworld

This demo explains what NativeWaves does and provides an insight in to the experience created of the Korean Football League which was shown on the Sportworld app by Samsung Germany and B1SmartTV.

Synced Multiview Showcase

This demo showcases how the NativeWaves technology can be used to deliver a Multiview experience to viewers watching the broadcast of a rowing event. The main screen depicts a standard television viewing experience and the mobile devices showcase the personalisation that Nativewaves delivers.

NativeWaves Synced Multiview - Orchestra

This demo showcases how the NativeWaves technology can be used to deliver a Multiview experience to viewers watching a live concert.

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