The NativeWaves solution takes the esport viewing experience to the next level, be it at home, in the cinema or on-site at the competition venue by putting the audiences in charge of their viewing experience.

At Home and Cinemas - Watching live e-sport at home

At Home and Cinemas

NativeWaves transforms the esport viewing experience at home and in the cinema and puts the audience in the middle of the game. Esports tournaments draw massive viewership on television or in cinemas which host special viewing events.

The NativeWaves technology delivers multiple streams of video, audio and data, from the live sporting events to the viewer’s mobile device, in perfect sync with each other and in perfect sync to the main broadcast of the tournament, ensuring that fans do not miss any part of the action. Fans can watch how their favourite players are performing against their main rivals while watching the game unfold.

(Patent No: US 11,570,506)


The NativeWaves technology transforms the fan experience at the esports tournament venues by providing features such as player cams, instant action replays, commentary in multiple languages and access to data and statistics from the game on their mobile device, which fans can access at their fingertips.

The technology allows fans to track their favourite players and follow the techniques and match-ups with their opponents.

On-site - Live e-sport arena

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