Live Concerts

The NativeWaves solution transforms the live concert viewing experience, both at home and on-site, and puts audiences in the middle of the performance.

At Home - Watching live concert on a smartphone

At Home

NativeWaves puts audiences on the stage at concerts and musical performances and works with broadcasters and OTT service providers to deliver a personalised concert experience to their viewers.

The NativeWaves technology delivers multiple streams of video, audio and data, from the concert to the viewer’s mobile device, in perfect sync with each other and in perfect sync to the main broadcast signal. This allows viewers to focus on individual artists on their mobile device while watching the live performance on their TV. They have instant access to camera angles, lyrics and music notes at the tip of their fingers.

(Patent No: US 11,570,506)


The NativeWaves technology transforms the fan experience at a concert by taking the audience closer to the performance.

The technology allows fans to zoom into an individual artist while enjoying the main performance. Fans have access to lyrics, music sheets and information about the artists performing at their fingertips.

The technology also incorporates merchandising and e-commerce solutions that can be used to create a complete fan experience at the concert venue.

On-site - Person holding a smartphone at live concert

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