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IABM TV in conversation with NativeWaves 2021

Christof Haslauer, CEO, NativeWaves, share his thoughts on issues faced by the broadcast industry and how NativeWaves can help broadcasters overcome these issues with Lisa Collins of IABM.

Christof Haslauer explains the advantages that NativeWaves solutions offer its customers

Christof Haslauer answers questions on the advantages that broadcasters get by adopting NativeWaves solutions and what problems it solves for them

Oliver Dumböck explains how easy it is for broadcaster to adopt the Nativewaves solution

Oliver Dumböck answers questions on the lack of complexity for broadcasters to adopt the NativeWaves solution and deliver immersive viewing experiences to their viewers

KitPlus TV Panel on Data and Analytics in Live Sport

Christof Haslauer, CEO, NativeWaves and Christian Marko, Chief Innovation Officer, StatsPerform discuss Data and Analytics in Live Sport with Matt and Simon from KitPlus TV.

Football Production Technology: Thought Leader Perspectives

Christof Haslauer joins Ophir Zardok Shemer from LIveU, Cristian Livadiotti from WildMoka and Ross Tanner from Pixellot on a Thought Leader panel on Football Production Technology at SVG Europe’s Virtual Football production Summit 2021

KitPlus Interview with Christof Haslauer on Latency

Christof Haslauer, CEO of NativeWaves in discussion with Simon Tillyer and Matt Robbins from KitPlus TV on issues relating to Latency

Interview with Christof Haslauer on KitPlus TV

Christof Haslauer, CEO and Co-Founder, NativeWaves in conversation with Simon Tillyer and Matt Robbins from KitPlus TV on Delivering Compelling and Immersive, Personalised Experiences to Viewers.

ISC Virtual Week 2020 - OTT & Broadcast Summit

Christof Haslauer, CTO of NativeWaves, joins Jason Thibeault, Executive Director of Streaming Video Alliance, and Caleb Weinstein, Director of Sport, Media & Entertainment of Google, on a panel discussing “Technical Challenges Of Delivering a broadcast – LIVE Experience To Any Device, Anywhere In The World” at ISC Virtual Summit 2020.

Karajan Music Tech Conference

Eva Wimmers, CEO and Christof Haslauer, CTO share their vision for the future of broadcast in a session named”Broadcasting experience reimagined – Better than LIVE” at the Karajan Music Tech On-line Conference which was held on Friday, April 3, 2020. The session was moderated by Andreas Spechtler, Founder and CEO, Silicon Castles.

SportsPro OTT Summit 2019

Marcel Hasenrader, NativeWaves speaking at a panel on Maintaining Engagement at SportsPro OTT Summit 2019 in Madrid.

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