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IBC 2023: NativeWaves EXP - The Perfect Event Watching Experience

Christof Haslauer introduces NativeWaves to the audience, on the Content Everywhere stage at IBC2023, and explains why content rights owners, broadcasters and streaming services need to focus on delivering better viewer and fan experiences and how this can be delivered.
Watch the video here.

IBC 2023 Panel: New Use Cases For Live Streaming

Christof Haslauer, CEO, NativeWaves on a panel at IBC 2023 with Oliver Lietz, CEO and Founder, nanocosmos and Joe Foster, CEO, Easel TV discussing New Use Cases for Live Streaming.The panel was moderated by Stan Moote, CTO of IABM.
Watch the video here.

Christof Haslauer, CEO, NativeWaves in conversation with IABM TV

Christof Haslauer, CEO, NativeWaves in conversation with IABM TV and highlighting new product developments at NativeWaves and plans for IBC2023

Webinar on in-staduim experiences with Synamedia and Cellnex

Christof Haslauer, CEO of NativeWaves, joins Julien Signes of Synamedia and Xavier Redon of Cellnex on a panel hosted by Ben Keen “Transforming In-Stadium Experiences”

Football Summit 2023: Thought Leader Perspectives - Acquisition

Oliver Dumboeck, CTO and Co-Founder, NativeWaves joins Nobert Paquet from Sony and Bart Meeus from LIveU for a thought leadership panel on content acquisition at the SVG Europe Football Summit 2023 in Paris

Panel on Next Generation Sports Experiences at 4YFN 2023

Christof Haslauer, CEO and Founder of NativeWaves joins Gerd Weiner, Jan Körbelin, Robert Niemann and Zeljko Karajica in a panel on Next Generation Sports Experiences at 4YFN 2023 in Barcelona. The panel was introduced by Andreas Spechtler, COO of NativeWaves and Founder of Silicon Castles and moderated by Catherine Ogilvie.

Driving Differentiation With Next Generation User Experiences

Christof Haslauer speaking on “Driving Differentiation With Next Generation Experiences” at the Sports Pro OTT Summit in Madrid on November 30, 2022

Panel: New Ways To Expand And Engage Audiences

Christof Haslauer, CEO and Founder, NativeWaves speaking on a panel on “New ways to expand and engage audiences” at IBC 2022. The panel tool place on the Content Everywhere Stage at IBC 2022. The other panellists on stage included Yang Cai, CEO & President, VisualOn and Damien Read, SVP Data Products, 24i. The panel was moderated by David Grindle, Executive Director, SMPTE
Watch the video here.

Challenges with delivery of synchronised multi-view experiences

Christof Haslauer, CEO, NativeWaves and Roy Clements, Director EMEA Partners and Channels, StatsPerform Deliver a Masterclass on Challenges with Delivery of Synchronised Multi-View Experiences, at ISC 2022 in London.

SPLive22: Driving content differentiations with next gen user experiences

Oliver Dumböck, CTO of NativeWaves talking about driving content differentiations with next gen user experiences at Sports Pro Live 2022 at the Kia Oval in London
Watch the video here.

Advanced Television interview with Roland Vlaicu and Onur Ozdemir

Advanced Television speaks with Roland Vlaicu (NativeWaves) and Onur Ozdemir (Microsoft) on the IBC Accelerator project on using 5G for broadcast production of Live sports events.

IABM TV in conversation with NativeWaves 2022

Roland V. – Senior Advisor, Product – in discussion with Stan Moote – IABM TV – on the the benefits of NativeWaves EXP at live events and a look back at some events that have been delivered recently.
Watch the interview here.

Football Summit 2022: Thought Leader Perspectives – Football graphics, Data and Fan Engagement

Thought leaders from SVG Europe sponsors provide insight into what sports broadcasters, producers and federations are asking for when it comes to graphics, data and fan engagement, and outline how their own product and solutions strategies are responding to those trends.

DEMO: Personalised Multiview User experience – On-The Go, At Home and In-Stadia

Access the demo about Personalised Multiview User experience that Christof Haslauer presented on IBC Digital on this link:
DEMO: Personalised Multiview User experience

Whom are you targeting with NativeWaves EXP and why should they care for this product?

Christof Haslauer shares his thoughts on who is the target audience for NativeWaves EXP.

How difficult is it to adopt NativeWaves EXP?

Christof Haslauer shares his thoughts on the difficulty of adopting NativeWaves EXP.

What makes NativeWaves EXP unique?

Christof Haslauer shares his thoughts on the uniqueness of NativeWaves EXP unique.

What is NativeWaves EXP?

Christof Haslauer explains what NativeWaves EXP is.

Why are broadcasters struggling to generate fan engagement and how do they solve this?

Christof Haslauer shares his thoughts on how to create fan engagement.

How can content rights holders maximise value of their content?

Christof Haslauer shares his thoughts on how to maximise value of content.

What are some of the biggest challenges facing the digital content industry today?

Christof Haslauer addresses the challenges faced by the digital content industry.

IABM TV in conversation with NativeWaves 2021

Christof Haslauer, CEO, NativeWaves, share his thoughts on issues faced by the broadcast industry and how NativeWaves can help broadcasters overcome these issues with Lisa Collins of IABM.

Christof Haslauer explains the advantages that NativeWaves solutions offer its customers

Christof Haslauer answers questions on the advantages that broadcasters get by adopting NativeWaves solutions and what problems it solves for them

Oliver Dumböck explains how easy it is for broadcaster to adopt the Nativewaves solution

Oliver Dumböck answers questions on the lack of complexity for broadcasters to adopt the NativeWaves solution and deliver immersive viewing experiences to their viewers

KitPlus TV Panel on Data and Analytics in Live Sport

Christof Haslauer, CEO, NativeWaves and Christian Marko, Chief Innovation Officer, StatsPerform discuss Data and Analytics in Live Sport with Matt and Simon from KitPlus TV.

Football Production Technology: Thought Leader Perspectives

Christof Haslauer joins Ophir Zardok Shemer from LIveU, Cristian Livadiotti from WildMoka and Ross Tanner from Pixellot on a Thought Leader panel on Football Production Technology at SVG Europe’s Virtual Football production Summit 2021

KitPlus Interview with Christof Haslauer on Latency

Christof Haslauer, CEO of NativeWaves in discussion with Simon Tillyer and Matt Robbins from KitPlus TV on issues relating to Latency

Interview with Christof Haslauer on KitPlus TV

Christof Haslauer, CEO and Co-Founder, NativeWaves in conversation with Simon Tillyer and Matt Robbins from KitPlus TV on Delivering Compelling and Immersive, Personalised Experiences to Viewers.

ISC Virtual Week 2020 - OTT & Broadcast Summit

Christof Haslauer, CTO of NativeWaves, joins Jason Thibeault, Executive Director of Streaming Video Alliance, and Caleb Weinstein, Director of Sport, Media & Entertainment of Google, on a panel discussing “Technical Challenges Of Delivering a broadcast – LIVE Experience To Any Device, Anywhere In The World” at ISC Virtual Summit 2020.

Karajan Music Tech Conference

Eva Wimmers, CEO and Christof Haslauer, CTO share their vision for the future of broadcast in a session named”Broadcasting experience reimagined – Better than LIVE” at the Karajan Music Tech On-line Conference which was held on Friday, April 3, 2020. The session was moderated by Andreas Spechtler, Founder and CEO, Silicon Castles.

SportsPro OTT Summit 2019

Marcel Hasenrader, NativeWaves speaking at a panel on Maintaining Engagement at SportsPro OTT Summit 2019 in Madrid.

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