Delivering an efficient Remote Production Solution

Saves effort and reduces costs

As the cost of production for live events rises, production companies and broadcasters are looking for ways to reduce costs and drive efficiencies. Reduction of crew and facilities at the venue and producing content remotely are increasingly becoming a popular and practical solution to achieve this goal. Remote production has proved to be a viable option, especially during times of emergencies like a pandemic and has kept service going without any reduction in quality. Remote production, however, comes with its own set of challenges. NativeWaves provides an efficient solution that solves these challenges and delivers efficiencies.
Remote Production can become much more efficient
Solving issues of increased efforts and production costs - Outside broadcast control room

Solving issues of increased efforts and production costs

One of the key challenges that remote production faces is to get multiple streams of video and audio from the venue to the production centre in a convenient and usable state. The main issue that production companies face is that the multiple streams of video and audio that are sent from the venue are out of sync when they arrive at the production facility. This leads to production complexities and additional work for the production teams to complete their production.

The NativeWaves solution solves these issues and enables smooth production from live events.

NativeWaves solves issues with production complexities and delivers an easy-to-use solution
Synced Remote Production - Camera operator
The NativeWaves solution enables creation of compelling personalised viewer experiences, while retaining all the advantages of remote production

The NativeWaves solution

  • Offers broadcasters and production companies an easy-to-use, plug-and-play option that delivers video and audio streams from the venue to the production facility in perfect sync.
  • Enables reduction in complexity and eases the production process.
  • Facilitates easy delivery of a synced multiscreen experience to the broadcaster’s customers.
The NativeWaves Solution - Outside broadcast control room

Broadcaster’s/ Production Benefits

  • Delivers cost savings on travel as large production crews are not required at the venue.
  • Delivers cost savings on production due to reduced complexity in production.
  • Delivers reduction in production effort.
  • Plug and Play solution.

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