Deliver compelling, immersive and personalised experiences to your viewers
Deliver multiple streams of video, audio and data in perfect sync.
Increase customer engagement before, during and after an event with additional functionalities

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NativeWaves EXP
(Patent No: US 11,570,506)

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NativeWaves EXP

NativeWaves EXP synchronises multiple feeds of video, audio and data allowing for deeper connection with the event, by providing insights that you normally miss.

Remote Production

Deliver multiple streams of video and audio from the venue to your production centre in perfect sync, enabling easy production.

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Our Technologies

Experience Creation Platform

A versatile platform for production of synced personalised experiences.

NativeWaves AVCoder

Handles up to 16 streams of video, audio and data and is optimised to deliver multiscreen synced experiences.

Core SDK

Eases the integration of the synced multiview experience and delivers all the core functionalities including guaranteeing synchronicity.

Dynamic UX

Delivers all the elements outside the core that has been agreed with the broadcaster during the experience definition phase.

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About Us

We solve problems with synced streaming that the industry has been grappling with for years.

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Deliver captivating and immersive personalised experiences to your viewers anywhere.

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Our technologies integrate seamlessly into existing workflows.

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Captivating and immersive personalised experience delivered at home, in the cinema and onsite.

Deliver a truly engaging and exciting personalised experience