Experience live events
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NativeWaves brings multiple camera views to your mobile device allowing you to choose your own perspective of your favourite live events. Perfectly synchronized across multiple screens, we enable you to enjoy additional content without any of the limitations of traditional TV broadcast.

NativeWaves Uses the AWS Cloud Portfolio To Deliver A Multiview Experience

Eliminating production and distribution hurdles for broadcast, esports, cinema and events to add value for distributors and consumers.

The Problem

Picture the scene: You are home with your friends watching your favorite sports team, winning. However, you are all watching the same picture and missing out on all the information you want. You are not able to see the perspective that you really want. You ask yourself – does it really have to be this way?

The Vision

Be your own director and enhance your viewing experience. Have instant access to statistics and alternative viewing perspectives. Be updated with all developments – on site, or at home – that is our vision for you. Lack of personalization and information in broadcast is a thing of the past.

The Solution

NativeWaves combines high precision synchronization with an ultra-low latency streaming technology. We make sure that you see the content you want, when you want it – without annoying lagging sequences or interruptions. Sounds interesting? Head right over to the Solution section to find out more!

Live Sport
While multiple cameras capture a live event on-site, the viewer at home only gets one perspective at any given time. Not anymore. Discover how NativeWaves will not only enable you to enjoy the event from your own perspectives, but will also enrich your viewing experience with additional features.
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The NativeWaves solution improves not just the conventional sports viewing experience but is equally relevant to esports. Our solution allows you to personalise your viewing and lets you experience the esports game from the perspective of your favourite player.
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Movie Languages
Imagine you could visit every cinema in the world without being concerned about the language. All you have to do is to put on your headphones, start your smartphone application and watch the movie in the chosen language.
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We help you experience events like you want.

Watching a game Live at the stadium is a one of a kind experience in the life of a true sports fan. Our goal is to enable you to enjoy a similar live-event experience anywhere. We even go one step further. We enhance your viewing with additional content like you’ve never had the chance to experience before.

Synced Multiview Showcase

This demo showcases how the NativeWaves technology can be used to deliver a Multiview experience to viewers watching the broadcast of a rowing event . The main screen depicts a standard television viewing experience and the mobile devices showcase the personalisation that Nativewaves delivers
Live Sport

Watch Motorsport with NativeWaves

Marcel Hasenrader, CEO, NativeWaves speaking at a panel on Maintaining Engagement at SportsPro OTT Summit 2019 in Madrid.

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