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Eliminating production and distribution hurdles for broadcast, esports, cinema and events to add value for distributors and consumers.

The Problem

Picture the scene: Groups of friends watching their favourite teams competing in important sports events on TV and across their mobile devices. With only one feed being delivered to these audiences they can only see and interact with part of the story. Does it really have to be like this?

The Vision

To make the current lack of detailed information and personalisation in sports broadcast a thing of the past. We empower audiences to choose what they see by integrating instant access to alternative camera angles and data feeds that give statistics and facts and enhance the viewing experience.

The Solution

NativeWaves combines high precision synchronization with an ultra-low latency streaming technology. We make sure that your audiences see the content they choose to see, when they request it without any lagging sequences or interruptions. Read more in our Solutions area.

Live Sport
While multiple cameras capture a live event on-site, the viewer at home only gets one perspective at any given time. Not anymore, discover how NativeWaves enables audiences to enjoy live sports events from their own perspective by enriching their viewing experience with additional features.
NativeWaves: Live Sports Solutions
The NativeWaves solution improves not just the conventional sports viewing experience but is equally relevant to esports. Our solution allows audiences to personalise their viewing and lets them experience an esports game or event through the eyes of their favourite player.
NativeWaves: Esports Solutions
Movie Languages
Enable audiences to choose the language they wish to hear when they visit the movies. By synching the NativeWaves app on a smartphone with the movie as it is playing, the viewer can listen through their headphones to the language and soundtrack version of their choice.
NativeWaves: Movie Language Solutions

Let audiences choose how they experience an event.

Watching a game live at a stadium is a one of a kind experience in the life of a true sports fan. Our goal is to enable audiences to enjoy a similar “live-event” experience from their home or when on the move. We enhance the viewing experience with additional content, data, statistics and flexibility.

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